Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Translating Goals into Action

           Through several epic fails and subsequent hard won successes, I’m finding that wanting to lose weight isn’t enough.  The whole feel-better-look-better-live-better thing is great, but translating those goals into success took more than motivation.

Photo by robertsinnett
            I lost weight because I wanted to be active and not hurt, and to get healthy for my son. I spent the better part of this evening playing with my precious Elliot.  (IT’SSSS MINE!  MY PRECIOUSSSSSS!)  Both Janet and I have parents and other relatives who’ve struggled with their weight, and I’ve seen myself heading that direction over the last few years.  I want my son to find out that your own lifestyle influences others.  It cleared up my priorities really quickly, but doing it for your kids isn’t enough by itself, otherwise we wouldn’t have overweight moms and dads.

            Having an overall all goal means nothing if you can’t meet daily goals.  I just started another round of P90, which requires workouts 6 days a week.  I love it.  It’s fun, but it takes serious dedication and usually requires working out at night.  I don’t really like working out late at night, since I have a hard time getting to sleep afterwards, but it’s sometimes the only time I have.  Between playing in a rock band, a Celtic band, doing my school’s pep band, and chaperoning Tri-County Honor Band rehearsals and the tour, I often don’t make it home until 10 or 11 pm.  I’m busy, everyone is.  So, I’m not going to stress out over a couple missed workouts so long as a couple doesn't turn into a lot, but it’s very easy to let one or two missed workouts turn into a week, then into a month, etc.

            I’ve basically decided this time around to exercise when I can, and I’m not going to stress out about having to miss a few workouts when I get home late.  On those nights it’s more important to me to get sleep than try to work out late at night.  This might slow down my overall progress a bit, but if I’m still making progress and not grinding to a halt, I’m happy.  Health is a lifetime goal, not a short term one.  I’m much further along health wise than I was a year ago.

            I want to be healthy, not only for me but also for my son.  I had to figure out a consistent workout schedule that jives with being a band director and weekly evening commitments.  I have all the motivation I need.  I simply have to keep putting into action.    What are your motivations?  What do you do to keep yourself going and accountable?


  1. When I started last year, I made a decision to workout every day. If I didn't, I thought it would be too easy to make excuses and not go. I probably didn't miss a workout for the the first month. Was it sane? Probably not, and I know I missed my fair share of sleep. But it got the job done.

    (Of course, this works for me. Your plan, I'm sure, will work for you.)

  2. That is exactly what I did the first time I went through my workout program last summer. I didn't miss a workout for three months! However since I'm a teacher my summer schedule isn't anywhere near as insane as it is right now. I'm planning on amping it up again this summer. Plus I want to run a few races as well.


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