Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Good, Bad and the Ugly on my diet!

The Good

The Bad
The Ugly
I have completed one round of Power 90.  I  enjoyed the process of it a great deal.  I was even able to lose 27 pounds.  I intend to continue doing Power 90 through the school year and then start P90X at the end of next May.  The one thing that I'm still really struggling with is eating well.  I could sit here and make excuses for why I haven't quite accomplished breaking my bad eating habits yet, but I'm not going to.  It's a daily struggle and I think I'm slowly getting better at making food descions.  Mostly.

About a week ago my wife and I started using Shakeology as a substitute for lunch at our jobs.   We love it.  It tastes great and its really good for you. We both love dark chocolate and Shakeology does a great job satisfying that craving for us as well. We did the math and figured out that it's actually cheaper for us to use Shakeology than to eat school lunch everyday.  Our school lunch program is very good as far as school lunches go, however, I still don't believe it's designed to really meet good nutritional needs.  I've been pleasantly surprised by how good I've felt the last week simply by changing what I eat for lunch.  Then today happened.

Today I decided to eat lunch at school instead of taking the 45 seconds this morning it takes me to mix a shake.  School lunch today was pizza.  I love pizza.  In fact pizza might possibly be my favorite food.  In high school I ate pizza everyday at school.  I worked at a pizza joint in the evenings and ate pizza most nights as well.  In college I memorized Domino's phone number, I think I still know it.  Even after all of that I still enjoy pizza.  A LOT.  Which is why I didn't make my own lunch today.

By 2:00 I regretted my decision. While lunch was really good, I didn't particularly great just an hour and a half later.  I wasn't really sick, but I noticed the energy I had all last week wasn't there.  Also my stomach while not really upset just didn't quite feel right. Then during my prep period at school a stumbled across this article written by David Zinczenko.   Talk about guilt and bad timing.  Now I realize some of this could be psychosomatic, but I really think after having eaten healthy lunches for a week my body was yelling at me.  I realized the pizza wasn't worth how I felt the rest of the day.

This morning I took my son to the doctor for his 24 month well check up.  He did great.  While waiting for the doctor to see us I read over and over a poster he has hanging in his examination room.  It says, "People who don't make time for diet and exercise now will have to make time for sickness and disease later."  Talk about the world conspiring against you especially since I read that before lunch.

I'm really starting to make exercising a priority, now I need to make eating healthy all the time a priority as well.

Can someone please tell me about a really healthy pizza?  I don't think I can give that one up just yet.


  1. Well, I don't think you should ever give that one up. Have you ever tried using flatbread or pitas for your crust? Then you can stick some tomato sauce on it with veggies and some cheese and go to town with it. You can make virtually anything healthy but it will take awhile for your taste buds to grow back, I think I was about 3-4 months. It's so worth it, loved p90x, you're going to enjoy it so much. I'm thinking about round 2 pretty soon.

    Hope to see you at fitblog on tuesday!

  2. I love make homemade pizza so I'll try one of those suggestions for a crust thanks! I will be there on twitter on Tuesday! See ya then.

  3. I use whole wheat pita, diluted tomato paste with garlic and herbs, half mozz/half pepper jack cheese, broccoli, red pepper, sauteed shiitakes, whatever other veggies I have that seem appropriate, and pepperoni. I know that last one isn't so healthy, but if I'm going to enjoy all of those veggies (broccoli!), that's the way it's going to be. Healthy enough for me.

  4. That sounds really good. Thanks for the comment and a great pizza!

  5. Diet is the number one challenge I face as well man. As you well know, the life of a music major is stressful and sometimes it's about grabbing whatever you can before you go to rehearsal. I was doing pretty well on mine until the stress of school crept in and now I'm trying to get back on a diet again. The nice part is that I haven't gained any weight, but I've been stuck on 308 for the past two weeks. I am going to try out your shakes where do buy the mix?

  6. Hey Roy, Give me a call and I'll tell where to get Shakeology if you're interested. Keeping working out buddy. It's going to get harder once to you start teaching!

  7. I've been reading up bit by bit your writings about your weight loss, and I have to say that it's really great to learn about your journey. Creating a healthy but tasty diet is tough but really achievable...I think that the organic and superfood craze is a bit overboard, but it does help direct us to natural and diverse food ingredients, which I think are key. Throw in a busy schedule, kids, and everything else in life, it's tough I know! But keep it up....keep it simple and basic!


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