Sunday, January 23, 2011

Push ups, Oh yeah!

This is going to be short, but yesterday I was finally able to do all the pushups my fitness routine requires without having to do any on my knees.  For me this has been a big accomplishment.

Here is what is was able to do

15 decline pushups, legs up on my couch
15 fly pushups
An exercise called Wide/Tri/Die
7 fly pushups, 7 tri-pushups arms close to the body, and then as many normal pushups as you can.  I was able to do 10.

So all told 54 pushups, none on my knees.  Oh yeah! Life is good.


  1. Congratulations!!! Pushups are really satisfying once you have a little practice. Those tricep pushups are especially challenging - it feels great once you get them down. Keep up the great progress!

  2. Thanks. I was really pumped when I did them correctly.


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