Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Already Did This? Holy Crap!

So I'm just starting my second round of Power 90.  OMG!  I can't believe that at the end of the first round I thought this was easy!  Just finished the circuit and it's tougher than I remember it being.  I haven't really done a P90 routine since mid November and I'm feeling it.  I think I'm going to be sore tomorrow.  It's OK though, it will get easier.  I've done this once I can do it again.  Especially if I'm wanting to do P90X this summer!  Yikes!  Lots of work to do.  Though it feels good to being doing it again.  Tomorrow is aerobics.  Sweating time! 


  1. Everyone keeps telling me about P90x, and I have 0 clue of what it actually is. But good luck with it anyhow!

  2. Thanks for the luck! If you would like to know more about P90X let me know, I'd be happy to tell you about it. Let me know! Thanks for the comment!


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