Thursday, October 28, 2010

Not Dodge Ball Again!

Janet and I are working on a series of blog posts dealing with childhood obesity and P.E classes in public schools.  Being that we're both teachers, we are very passionate about the welfare of children.  

We would like your help.  Please share with us your experiences from gym class.  Did you enjoy P.E or was it an hour a day you dreaded and wanted to hide from?  Feel free to leave your stories here or email them to me here.


  1. I hated PE in middle school because we all had to shower there and there was no privacy. We had to streak across the locker room into the group showers. I once hid in a bathroom stall to get out of class. I got caught, but I hated it so much I cried.
    High school was better because we could do mini-sessions -- one quarter -- focusing on a new activity. I did archery, yoga, walking -- all things I didn't have to be good at in a team. However I also loved field hockey, floor hockey and volleyball.
    Now, as an adult, I love to be active, but school PE classes aren't often thought up with individual differences, goals and body shyness in mind. If that were to change, or at least have more variety like my high school days, it would help. Finally, I'd like to add it would be nice to stay away from games that encourage bullying and trash talk -- basketball, football and dodge ball all come to mind.I've heard kids talk terribly about each other during such games, and they obviously weren't playing.

  2. Thanks for the post Melissa, I'm very glad to hear that your PE classes stayed away from some of the more competitive games, I'm not sure that is the case for a lot of programs. My own PE experiences were similar though we played a lot of organized sport games like dodge ball and things. Being athletically disinclined, I was frequently picked last most of the time, yeah good times. Though now as an adult I throughly enjoy Ultimate Frisbee. Even though it's a team sport we do our best to include everyone and not engage in trash talking or bullying.


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