Thursday, October 21, 2010

And then there was RUN!!

As I think I've said before, I'm a music teacher.  This weekend I'm in Missoula at a music convention.  This is actually one of my favorite events each year because I get to see a bunch of my band director buddies from other towns.  However it't been rough on my diet and workouts.  UGH!!

I ate horribly today.  And I felt gross because of it.  I guess I should be happy that eating badly has that effect on me now.

One of my students who's participating in our All-State Music Festival is also a cross-country runner.  The state meet is Saturday right after the music festival is over.

Since she needed to get some running in, and our hotel had a few treadmills I thought it'd be fun to join her running.

Now do realize that I've been working out regularly since June, so I'm in much better shape then I use to be.  But I've been doing Power 90, not running.  So I wasn't quite sure how that would translate.

Turns out it translates well.  I was able to run 3 miles easily.  I never lost control of my breath and I actually felt like I could have kept going.

This is exciting news to me since I've had this thought in my head for awhile now that I'd really like to be able to run races someday.  Well a 5k is in the cards now!  I think I just found a new life goal.  I would really like to be able to run a marathon someday.  In fact, I will run one someday.  Yeah for music festivals and treadmills!


  1. This is just fantastic Aaron, really, now how good did busting that out feel? It's one of the great things about getting healthy, shattering our own expectations.

  2. Well actually I'm a bit sore today in a few places I didn't know I had. Though It still feels good. Can't wait until 3 miles feels like a warm up!

  3. I've always thought of running as being an evil exercise. As it was for you, gym class was a nightmare for me and the dreaded mile was that worst part.

    Congrats on getting the motivation to hop on the treadmill and kudos on your ability to handle it.

    I look forward to reading about your first 5k!

  4. Thanks Karen for the thoughts. A former student of mine who is now turning into a colleague has agreed to run a 5k with me this next summer. He to is losing weight and we both think running a race would be a great thing to do. I'll put a post up here as soon as I figure out what race it is we're going to run!


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