Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Healthy Living Blogs

Here's a great website I found that has links to a large number of health related blogs.

Check it out!!


  1. You're right, excellent site. Thanks for finding us on it! My son is a drummer in high school jazz so he takes lots of bus trips too. That fast food will get you eventually! Even the kids get sick of it, especially the ones in athletics because it affects the way their bodies fee. Good luck in your fitness journey. You can do it: one step at a time!
    PS Laughing at Monty Python burns kcals!

  2. Thanks for the comment Alexandra!
    I agree with you, I really do get sick of the food after while, our school burned down two years ago and so we don't have a home gym right now so we travel for every athletic event other than football games. My students and I went on 35 pep band trips last year not counting tournaments. That is a lot of fast food! I'm going to try very hard this year to eat as healthy as I can on those trips, or bring my own food. Our new school will be up and running by next fall so this is the last year of constant trips at school.

    And somebody should come up with a Monty Python inspired workout. Workouts would never get boring!


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