Wednesday, November 17, 2010

School and afternoon runs!

Photo by Kr. B
Every Wednesday my school lets our students out a half-hour early so that the staff can have a PD hour, which stands for professional development.  Most of the time this hour really isn't all that fun.  Though last week I talk to colleague of mine about going running once a week after our meetings on Wednesdays.  She happens to be the cross-country coach and is an avid runner.  Lucky for me she is always looking for someone to run with.  So today during our PD hour I had to do everything in my power to keep my mind on the task at hand and not jump forward to my afternoon run. 

This was the first time I've gone running with somebody else. It's also the first time I've on roads and not a track or a treadmill.  We only went for a short run, 2 miles, because my colleague had to get back for a first aid training class.  I have decided that I enjoy running a lot more with someone then by myself, she was very nice a kept a slow pace since I'm still fairly new to running any length of distance.  Running out in the county and not on a track or a treadmill was also awesome, I loved the feeling of being outside somewhere and not confined to a track or a room.  I'm definitely getting into this whole running thing.

We will try and run together every Wednesday so long as the weather doesn't get to cold or nasty.  If I ever get in enough training, she already said she'd run a half-marathon with me.  She has run several.  It is so nice to run with someone who has had a lot of running experience, but is still willing to take a newbie under their wing.  Yeah for wonderful people in the world.  My hope is that everyone who is new to running has someone like this to help them get started.

The first 5k of the season up here in Montana is in March I believe, I've agreed to run a 5k with another friend of mine sometime this spring or early summer, but then I want to see if I can train up to a 10k before the summers over.  Two good initial running goals I think.  I never thought I'd enjoy running as much as I am. I can't wait for spring!


  1. It's great to find a running partner. I love running outside, but since I run at o'dark-thirty in the morning, I run alone!

    Coco (Twitter : CocosFight2BFit)

  2. We just got dumped on by a foot of snow! I will probably have to run on a treadmill for a while. At least until the roads are cleared.

  3. Good for you and keep it up! I think a lot of people lack the motivation to exercise because they find the need for it to be a social activity and to seek that discipline from someone else. Any exercise is better than none.

  4. Thanks Garick, I do enjoy running with someone else but I've been having to stay indoors lately due to icy roads. Running by yourself isn't so bad, though it's nice to have someone else there once in a while.


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